What Sells On eBay: Wooden Lazy Susan, Pencil sharpener, Record player, Camera lot, E Bow device, 15” speaker

Steve – I get wanting to get rid of stuff like those cameras quickly. Lots like that are likely to attract another reseller. Probably why you couldn’t sell it higher, but, who cares, you got it out of your storage area!

This Christmas musical carousel was in working condition. I posted a video with it working, and it sold for $67. As the majority of my sales these days, it is a consignment sale for my neighbor.


Another vintage Mac item, this time the mouse, for $30.


Found lots of those Joy Mangano felt hangers in my neighbor’s closets. Someone bought out my shirt hanger inventory (suit hangers are selling little by little). Six sets of 12 hangers sold for a total of $71.76. They a received discount for buying in bulk, but, hey, like Steve’s camera lot, I have space that I am now making use of.


This is a silver plated urn/dispenser that was part of a nearly unused set found in one of my neighbor’s closets. This sold for a bit under $142.


Have to mention a Member’s Only jacket sale. This not a vintage jacket; rather a more modern version. I purchased it at a thrift shop earlier this year for $10, and it sold for a bit over $22. Not a great ROI, but I couldn’t resist.


I was surprised at what I could get for this small vintage Budweiser sign. Again, my neighbor’s, sold for $28.


A purse with a clock; the perfect weird thing for eBay buyers. It was purchased off one of the TV shopping networks in the ’90s and never used.


My husband and son are big tea drinkers (I prefer coffee). This flavor has been sold at Trader Joe’s for years, and they have not changed the design of the tin box it comes in. I saved the empty boxes and listed as a set of 13. It sat there for a couple of years with some interest but no sale until last weekend. Sold for $24. I have more that I have saved, but not as many. I will list them eventually.


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