What Sells On eBay: Record stand, TV tube, Cups and saucers, Cabbie hat, Mustang promo model

Happy Veterans Day to you, Steven, and all our fellow vets on the board.

This WWII son-in-service pin was a nice example, in sterling and maker marked, and it had two blue stars so it denotes two sons in service. (A gold star denotes KIA.) Yes, there were military women who served but the pins are known as “son-in-service” and many, like this one, specifically state that. It was in a $10 jewelry box full of random items at the flea market and sold for $15 plus shipping on a best offer.

The pins came in many different varieties, cheap metal to 14K gold, but the real BOLO is a six-star pin. Here’s an unmarked 6-star pin that does not say “son in service” that sold for $235 at auction recently.

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This ‘70’s Gemini disco mixer with cueing for two turntables was a $5 yard sale find. It needed a little cleaning up and though with limited features not among the more desirable of vintage mixers, sold quickly at $50 plus shipping on a best offer. The buyer told me he used to use this model as a DJ years ago. There is a different model Gemini mixer that was used by Grandmaster Flash back in the day that goes for a lot more.

Here’s a neat RPPC from 1930’s Shanghai, China, depicting the famous dragon boat races. It seems a bit unusual to me that I could get this much for a card with tourism subject matter but I’m not complaining. It was part of a large auction lot and sold for $20 plus Pirate Ship Special Export Rate shipping to China on a best offer (listed at $34.79).

Jewelry is usually a dead letter for me. I’m not sure why I have so much trouble categorizing, titling, and describing jewelry and it usually sits and sits so I’m quite proud of this sale. It’s an Ann Hand Forget-Me-Not enamel pin that was commissioned for female veterans and given out at an event by a corporate sponsor. It sold for full price at $75 plus shipping.


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