What Sells On eBay: Pinup Magazine, RCA 45 Record Player, TV Antenna, Greyhound Brochures, Motels Poster

Steve – Such neat sales, from little knobs to vintage stereo equipment, and some really neat ephemera thrown in!

This book was part of a large online auction lot, so the price paid per book was very low. The subject of bull fighting is interesting. Sold for $18.


This Lladro figurine was difficult for me to research, so I finally listed it without understanding what it is. The bottom has all the normal Lladro information, but also has “BDG 62”. I assume it was a “reprint” after the design had been retired. It doesn’t seem to have as clear lines as others I saw listed. It was given to me for free, and it sold for $26.


I purchased this BSA belt at a thrift store for $3 a few years ago. I sold the buckle right away, but the belt took much longer. Not sure why, although, it would have to be for a rather large BSA leader. Sold on best offer of $25.


This Tumi briefcase was given to me by a friend. She used it for one trip and then never again. I had it up for best offer, but the buyer paid full price of $155.


This Toyota Celica repair manual is readable but not in great shape, but it is rare or desirable enough that I was able to get $47 for it. I bought a large lot of repair manuals for $10 in an auction earlier this year, and they are selling one by one. This was one of the more valuable ones.


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