What Sells On eBay: Multi Meter, Polaroids, Models & Boxes, Desk Lamp, Ashtray Stand

My higher sales continue to be from my commission/neighbor.

This is a vintage Fendi key ring. It sold for $69 to someone in New Zealand. It hasn’t arrived yet.


This is an antique tobacco pamphlet. Instead of a card that came in a pack, the buyer had to save box tops and send them in through a catalogue. In my research, I found that ones in really good condition sold for $100, and those with condition issues were closer to $50. This one did have some issues, but was a little better than the $50 ones I saw. I felt that the $60 offer was reasonable.


Here’s one of my own sales. I bought a bookshelf full of older automotive repair books in an auction in April. I finally got them all listed, and this one sold right away. They aren’t worth much, but I paid $11 for the whole thing. This is a Mitchell repair book from 1960 that sold for $15. It covers some pretty cool car brands that are no longer around.


Back to my commission sales. This is a vintage popcorn maker for $37.


And another new/sealed bottle of high end perfume for $142. Interesting thing about these perfumes. I priced them a bit higher than what I found on Terrapeak assuming the buyers will want a bit off the top, but they are selling at full price!


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