What Sells On eBay: Garrard record player, Slide rule, Baseboard heater, Rotary phone, North Face jacket

I actually have a few sales to talk about from last week since my numbers have started picking back up. These were all newly listed items.

This is a cool consignment challenge coin from US Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, Africa, in the shape of some kind of African gazelle skull and horns that sold for $45 plus shipping on a best offer. Navy figural challenge coins are BOLOS. The more elaborate, the better. They’re usually Chief Petty Officer coins like this one, which helps.
This complete pinstripe painting tool in its original box was in a bin of mostly junk at a yard sale. The seller wanted a firm $20 to take the whole bin. I suppressed a rude comment about him charging people to take out his trash and bought it. It was exasperating to pay that much but this tool in its original box sold for $70 plus shipping on a best offer after three days up and there are a couple more sellable items in the box.
Here was another great yard sale find last weekend that cost $1 and sold a couple days later. It’s a device that senses electric current in cables, etc., and comes with a small current generator. It was originally manufactured to trace POTS phone lines. Apparently, they sell like hotcakes, so surely they’re being used for other purposes these days. It’s a Progressive Electronics inductive amplifier with tracer and case and sold for $35 but with free shipping (cost me @ $4).
In the Navy, aides to very senior officers wear identifying shoulder cords on their service and dress uniforms that are called aiguillettes. The dress aiguillettes are fancy, with a knotted cord, multiple loops, and metal drops at the ends. The service aiguillettes (for the office uniforms) are simple gold and blue cord loops worn over the left shoulder going under the arm, with the number of cords corresponding to the rank of the aide’s boss. This consigned service aiguillette is for a full Admiral (four star = four cords) and sold for $50 plus shipping on a best offer to a China forwarder.
This is a head-scratcher if you run across it at the flea market unless you know what you’re looking at. It’s a reproduction shoulder stock / carrying case for the iconic Mauser C96 “Broomhandle” pistol originally in production from 1896 into the 1930s. The pistols were manufactured with a slot at the back of the frame to take a stock but few of the original stocks remain. Not all that many of the pistols remain, either, despite about a million being made. The reproduction stocks like this one have been made for years and are popular. I paid $10 for it at the flea market and it sold for $50 plus shipping on a best offer within a week of listing.

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