What Sells On eBay: Dual turntable, Repair manual, Carhartt jacket, Headlamp clock

What Sells On eBay: Dual turntable, Repair manual, Carhartt jacket, Headlamp clock

Steve – My neighbor / consignor has a Dual system in his basement. Glad to know it is worth something. Not sure whether I will be willing to do the work to fix it up or just list it as-is. We’ll see.

This 1933 book cost me less than $1 and sold for $16. It sold through the GSP to someone in Dublin, Ireland. I just checked, and the book takes place in Ireland, so that answers that question.


I purchased this copper pan in an auction a few years ago. Most of the items in that lot have sold, but this cute pan just stayed put. I think I priced it too high considering that it was smaller than most of the others. I lowered the price during an end/sell similar batch, and then it got caught in a markdown sale for $20.50. Still decent.


One of the things I found in clothing closet in my neighbor’s house is a full silver plate coffee / tea set that he guessed was given to him and his wife as a gift, but he doesn’t ever remember using it. It is in pristine condition, perhaps never used. I listed the parts separately, and this tea or coffee pot is the first to sell for $28. I priced it a bit higher than the average because of its excellent condition. Some of the other pieces are worth more.


Another consignment item is this vintage LL Bean sweater that sold for $20. It was a best offer via message, but I had to change the price of the item in the listing because eBay didn’t allow me to send an offer. This usually happens when the buyer doesn’t know that they are supposed to use the counteroffer function rather than messaging. I usually tell them to buy within 48 hours otherwise I will reprice it back up. They almost always buy on time.


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