What Sells On eBay: Counter checks, Glass blocks, Wall clock, Hiking shoes

Last week I only sold two items (other than a scarf that I could not find and had to cancel). This US Army Vietnam War camouflage slant pocket jacket with an 82nd Airborne Division patch is sadly the last of a lot of these shirts that I purchased a while back for $26 each. The others sold quickly and for more money, but this one took over a year to go for $75 plus shipping.

This one had an unusual variation with the officer’s rank tabs sewn underneath the collar instead of on the outside. This was done in the hopes of foiling enemy snipers who would be looking for an officer to take out, but would leave the rank available if it needed to be shown to someone. It’s rarely seen, and a bit silly actually. Some LT out in the jungle in a combat zone feels he has to able to flip up his collar to show someone he’s the boss? I think most officers if they were worried about getting sniped would have left sew-on rank off completely and simply put on subdued (black) pin-on rank if they went somewhere where they wanted or needed to have it on the uniform. The whole point of subdued sew-on rank was that it would blend in with the camouflage uniform at any distance so it was intended to be worn visible in the field.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/275447628245

The other item sold was a Bvlgari makeup bag or clutch that was given out as a promotion and ended up in the family donation box. It’s been up for a couple years and sold for $19 plus shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/275432770469

Here are a couple interesting sales from earlier in the summer. This consignment challenge coin from USS HOPPER, a US Navy guided missile destroyer, commanded a premium because it is personalized by name from a specific Commanding Officer. Some ship’s coins will simply be identified to the ship with front and back design, some will have a design indicating it is from the Commanding Officer but without a name, and some like this one will have a specific officer’s name. The latter are usually rare because a CO can only expect an 18-month tour, and it’s not unusual for it to be shortened from that. It used to be longer but not by much. It sold for $39 plus shipping but the buyer used a 15% off coupon.

This 1960’s Afghanistan travel booklet was out of my in-laws’ estate. It was put out by the Royal Afghan Embassy in London but written in a travelogue style which makes it a fascinating look at what a westerner would experience in their travels there at the time when the Afghan government was attempting to modernize the country and attract tourists. It was in pretty bad shape and sold for $22 plus shipping on a best offer.

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