What Sells On eBay: BSR record player, Hat patch, US Senate ashtray, Pipe carousel, Laurel lamp, Carhartt jacket

I’ve been selling mostly bread & butter items not much more than $25. Let me see what I can pick out that is interesting. Unless I mention cost, most of these items are on consignment for my neighbor.

Another old Mac item, a keyboard, which I am unable to test. Someone had offered $60 for it, but I waited for full price. Sold for $93.


I have a repeat customer who is a big fan of Donna Karan. Not the clothing so much, but the candles and perfume. I mentioned that I had a long candle and sent her a photo. She offered $20. I found a similar one that sold for $40, so I met mid-way at $30. I did find others for sale that were over $150, but I disregarded those as sellers with unrealistic expectations.


These are 2 new identical tapestries with prints of cute cats made in St Lucia. Brochures about the store and their story was included in the bags which made research much easier. The buyer bought both for over $45.


There was a brand new Columbia winter coat that I sold on offer for $75.


This framed duck print was from a large art auction lot I bought about two years ago and have been selling items from it here and there. The price wasn’t all that high at $13, but the buyer’s feedback was over the top. One of those paragraphs that eBay now allows talking all about how happy they were with the print, the frame, the shipping, etc. All in caps too. I’m kind of annoyed and kind of real happy too.


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