What Sells On eBay: 3 leg stool, VHS Guitar instruction, TV Stand, 8-track players, Pencil sharpener Patagonia vest

What Sells On eBay: 3 leg stool, VHS Guitar instruction, TV Stand, 8-track players, Pencil sharpener Patagonia vest

Steve – That looks like an amazing collection of pencil sharpeners! I’ve sold a few, and I’m always surprised at how quickly they sell. You should do well with them.

A couple of years ago, I had purchased a number of auction lots with older books. I needed to get them all listed or donated. I put all the less than $10 books in a pile, and then separated them by spine color. I am selling them as décor, so I list the number of inches for the length they would take up on a bookshelf. The first group to sell is the red color for $25, and they’ve been listed over a year. They are slow sellers, but, for me, this is much better than selling them one at a time.


Maybe 8 or 9 years ago, well before I started reselling, I still was always the bargain hunter. At work, they were selling off giveaways from older programs. I bought two of these satellite models. I put one together for my son, but the other one sat for years. I paid maybe $3 for it, and it sold for $23 in two weeks.


Here is something that sat in my basement at least two years. I finally listed it as part of my January listing challenge over in the forum posts. I paid about $5 at a live auction, and it sold for full price of $150 in two weeks!


This is just a crazy old tool that I listed years ago. Finally sold for $20. I enjoy old tools, and it is one of the categories I look for.


This was given to me for free. It is a decorative statue of a cherub that I sold for a bit under $46. The crazy part is that someone paid $72.90 for me to ship it to Puerto Rico.


I’ve been listing lots of stuff for my new commission. This is the neighbor across the street from me who was widowed last month. His wife had ordered a bunch of wigs, but had not worn them. They all sold pretty quickly, although I have one ponytail left. This wig sold for $57.


I purchased these antique dishes for a few dollars during my first year of reselling (2016). I knew that something old didn’t necessarily mean something valuable, but I listed it really high. I’ve reduced the price a few times over the years and took new photos at one point. The set of two finally sold for $34.


This is something that I got for free. It is a Lancôme mirror that sticks into a department store display. It does not have its own stand. The buyer address listed a photography studio, so it is going to be some type of prop.


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