The Numbers: September 25-October 1, 2022

The Numbers: September 25-October 1, 2022

Items in Store 2101
Items Sold 10
Total Sales $457.00
COGS $120.00
Total Profit $337.00
Average profit $33.70
Average sales price $45.70
New Listings 0
Items scavenged 25
Listing 2022 weekly Avg 43

Oh my….


So guess what my sales did immediately starting after the update announcement? Yep. Tanked.

A major bug that came out of the update was that the condition item specific filter was deleted from the app. It got fixed today.

Now granted I haven’t been listing but only selling 10 items hasn’t happened in over 3 years for my store. I haven’t been listing all month and yet I still was selling over 20 items a week the last couple weeks. In  August I average 27 items a week. At the beginning of the month even with an almost 2 week time away in place I sold more items!

I’m not a conspiracy kind of person, but they clearly bonked some settings on this update that have affected my store. I know about the condition filter. I wonder what other bone headed bugs have happened?


That’s my whiny 2 minutes. I’m entitled to that! Now I move on with positive momentum.

I’ve been contemplating all year a way to empty out my ebay workspace so I can be streamlined and focus on death piles. When my workspace is cluttered I don’t even want to be in there. I made a plan to list a massive amount of items this year to empty the space, yet still ended up with a cluttered area after I gave two areas of the garage to my wife for her hobbies.

I considered renting a storage space and putting a time limit of 6 months on getting everything I put in there listed. Then I considered buying an enclosed trailer to use a storage and then resell the trailer after 6 months for a profit. I couldn’t find any good deals on trailers and my wife hated the idea of spending money on a storage unit.

Then last week I went out into my non-ebay storage shed for something- it is a 10×10. I looked at how inefficient it was organized, assessed what I could just get rid of or sell that I no longer used. I determined that I could use the back 6′ for the death pile 6 month storage project and still use the front 4′ for normal shed stuff. I spent some time this weekend cleaning/organizing the shed. I got rid of some junk, sold the huge generator I haven’t needed for 8+ years, sold a mini fridge, and started to get the death pile stuff moved in.

I built back wall shelving in there during Covid lockdowns. I found the large boxes walmart that fit the shelved area perfectly for 100% storage efficiency. I LOVE it when a plan comes together.

I also found that the medium new walmart boxes fit my rolling storage carts perfectly so I can make them 100% efficient too! I linked both boxes below in case anyone wants to check them out. 100% storage efficency has been a dream of mine for a while.  The only thing I had to do to the boxes was use my resizer to lower the height 2″ to fit in the shelves. I may end up abandoning plastic bins all together if this goes well.

A cold has taken me out of commission for the last couple days, but I plan to get most of my workspace emptied out and get back to listing HARD this month.

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