The Numbers: May 1-7, 2022

There is a walking path right through the heart of my small New Jersey town. I try and walk on it every day, even in the winter, unless it’s raining or snowing. I like seeing the same characters and their pets, some who are friendly and some who really aren’t. Every town should have a place where you can walk safely.

I had a nice sales week thanks to an experiment with Promoted Listings Standard because of a 75% off promotion. It was fascinating to see the week play out and which items sold from the promoted listings campaign and which sold without the buyer clicking on the promoted listings.

The promotional period for savings on the fees ended this weekend, but I’ve already created a new Promoted Listings campaign to run for the rest of the month. I’m not sure that I understand how Promoted Listings works, and it’s one of those things where I don’t think I want to understand it. But I’m happy to use it, and think it might be something that I’m always using going forward. I have just been running a fixed ad rate of 2% or 3% on all my listings, but if anyone with more experience has better ways to use it, I’d love to learn from you.

I’m going to try a few small markdown sales over the next few weeks (15% off, maybe 20% if I’m feeling adventurous) and see if anything crazy happens when I combine a markdown sale with promoted listings.

5/1/2022 – 5/7/2022

Total items in store: 2096 (up from 2084)

Items sold: 37 (27 via best offer, 5 via seller initiated offer)

Gross sales: $2601.44 (up 32% from one year ago)

Net sales: $1896.62 (up 35% from one year ago)

Quantity sold: 37 (up 0% from one year ago)

Average sales price: $70.31 (up 32% from one year ago)

Highest price sold (net): $329.60 — Cale Makar Jewels of the Draft autographed patch card

This card is a good example of how intricate modern trading cards can get. Cale Makar is one of the best young players in hockey, and the colorful Jewels of the Draft autographed patch cards are among the most popular for new rookies every single year. I had this card listed for over a year and and I increased the price a few times because the listing kept gaining watchers. Over 50 by the time it sold and I had received at least that many offers, most of them lowball. To be honest, I was starting to wonder if this card (and others like it) was ever going to sell. Or maybe those interested in it were just happy to add it to their watchlist and not buy. Sometimes that doubt can creep in when you have a higher priced item or an item with a lot of interest but no buyers.

But this week, the card finally sold to a buyer who offered a mere $1 below my $399 buy it now price. I thought that was an odd offer, and the buyer had low feedback, so I was cynically expecting that maybe they wouldn’t pay. But they paid the day after I accepted the offer and sent me a message thanking me for being patient about their payment. Then, this weekend they left happy positive feedback with a message of gratitude because I included some other cards in the package. I had a few nice buyers sending me messages this week. If only they were all so pleasant! But thinking about it, most buyers are either pleasant or quiet.

Lowest price sold (net): $11.10 — Connor Zary SP Game Used autographed patch

It’s always interesting when similar cards end up as the high and low sales of the week. The Cale Makar card is from a nicer set, and nicer quality card, but ultimately the difference in price between that card and this Connor Zary comes down to the quality of player. This Connor Zary card is on its way to Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, where Zary played in the minor leagues. He’s still trying to find his way to the pros, so there’s not as much of a collector base for him just yet. Always an opportunity to make a few bucks on cards like this here and there, and a huge part of building my knowledge base was finding the items I could buy for $5 and list for $20. But I’m not listing, or buying, as many cards at these prices as I was a year ago. It will be interesting to see if that’s changed in a year, and in what ways.

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