The Numbers: July 31-August 6, 2022

The Numbers: July 31-August 6, 2022

Can’t wait to hear/read about what you two have in the works for 2023. It’s a real inspiration.

I expected slower sales this week since I removed about 500 items from my store a few weeks ago to drop off at the National trading card show for future consignment sales. But I listed steadily all week and had a strong week of sales, especially on Saturday and Sunday. I sent out 15% offers to about 200 watchers which might have helped as well.

Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come as we head into the hopefully busy holiday season.

7/31/2022 – 8/6/2022

Total items in store: 1373 (down from 1356 last week)

Items sold: 40 (27 via best offer, 7 via seller initiated offer, 17 via promoted listings)

Gross sales: $2558.62 (down 35% from one year ago)

Net sales: $1767.95 (down 37% from one year ago)

Average sales price: $63.97 (up 20% from one year ago)

Time spent searching through online auction listings for new trading cards inventory: 10 hours (down from 12 hours last week)

Highest price sold (net): $182.79 — 2005 Rittenhouse Lost in Space case breaker triple autograph

I can thank Terapeak for this sale, since I don’t know all that much about non-sports trading cards beyond my general knowledge of modern cards. Some of the most desirable Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and sketch cards get into some crazy prices, and the same goes for rare autographs like this one from the most collected Lost in Space trading card set. This card sold within a few days of ending the listing, repricing $50 lower and selling similar.

Lowest price sold (net): $16.03 — Gino Odjick Pinnacle Tough Times autograph

I think this is my highest low price since I started tracking my numbers every week. I have about 20 more of this same autographed card because Odjick is a popular hockey player from my childhood (the 90’s) who has sadly had some health problems in recent years. This set is also liked by collectors since many of the players were fan favorites who didn’t have many cards or autographs compared to the star players, and the autographs are all directly on the card instead of on a sticker which is much more common since it’s more cost effective for card manufacturers.

It’s a coincidence but this listing also sold after a relist. It sat for a few months at $29.99 with no offers, then I repriced it to $19.99 and it sold within a few days for $16 plus shipping all the way to Switzerland.

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