The Numbers: July 17-23, 2022

The Numbers: July 17-23, 2022

A couple of quick stats for year over year based on my listings push.

In 2021 through the end of July:

New listings: 735

Average weekly active listings: 1484

Items Sold: 676

Total Sales: $25488


In 2022 through End of July:

New listings: 1463

Average weekly active listings: 49

Items Sold: 786

Total Sales: $27243


So year over year, I’m up 16.3% on my average weekly active listings.

I’ve sold 14% more items, but my total cash sales is only 6.5% higher YoY.

I listed TWICE as many items this year. NICE!

My weekly average active listing will compound throughout the 2nd half of the year since I keep listing at almost 50 new items a week.

Unfortunately I’ll run out of YoY comparison data next month because of my extended 2021 Covid illness where I shut my store down from middle of august until middle of october. Then I didn’t list anything for the last 7 weeks of the year. I have to compare to 2019 which is not really a fair comparison since my store was about half as big then.


My year really hinges on what happens this fall and Q4 with a store well over 2000 items. I’ll likely have close to 2500 active listings by the end of the year. I’m in uncharted territory here. Could I surpass my 2020 numbers? Possibly. That year was front loaded with bonkers sales during lockdown and shortages. The second half of 2020 wasn’t as impressive. My 2022 numbers so far match the last half of 2020, so if I have a phenomenal fall and winter I could definitely match/exceed 2022.

My initial goals were this year were:

  • Minimum 1500 new listings, Stretch goal – 2000.
  • 1500 sales
  • $52500 in sales
  • Empty out the garage

I’m going to blow my listing goals out of the water.

I am not currently meeting the sales goals, but if I can average 33 sales per week for the rest of the year then I will meet all my goals based on my $35 ASP.

…now for that last goal of the garage….

Well that one got a bit complicated. First off, I gave up a large portion of the garage to my wife. She now has a large dedicated space for her vinyl crafting. She also has a large dedicated space for her pottery stuff.

Yes I’ve listed alot but I’ve also been bring alot of scavenged stuff in. Technically I have alot less stuff in the garage but I lost a significant amount of space to store it in. I still want to have the garage cleaned out and largely empty by the end of the year. Maybe I’ll start to tackle that harder once yard sale season is over.


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