The Numbers: January 8-14, 2023

The Numbers: January 8-14, 2023

01/08/23 – 01/15/23

Total Items In ebay Store: 4643 (was 4644 last week)

Total Items In Etsy Store: 500 (was 375 last week)

Total Items listed: 5,079

ebay Items Sold: 20 items for $ 895.88 Net $ 723.13
Etsy Items Sold: 9 items for $ 534.26 Net $ 396.91

Total Gross Sales: $ 1430.14 (including eBay\etsy fees, shipping, and taxes)
Net Sales: $ 1120.04 (minus shipping, and taxes)
Items Sold: 29 items
Highest Price Sold: $ 110 (boots)
Average Price Sold: $ 38.62
Money Spent on New Inventory: $ around $350

Number of items listed: 22 ebay, 59 Etsy

Gut Sales Report for the week: Was an ok week on ebay. With the help from Etsy, that made it a great week. I am close to becoming a Star Seller on Etsy. You need a 4.8 rating out of 5 and I am at a 4.7 rating. Not many Etsy sellers are Star sellers – only .5% are. But, it is kinda like be a Top Seller on ebay, doesn’t help a lot, but it is good to have.

Focus for the week : Prepping what I need to do to prepare for more sales for the year.

Scavenge of the week: Got another big haul from the thrift store.

Thoughts for the week: Regional Boxes are being discontinued after Jan. 22. So, I ordered 100 Regional A Boxes because after Jan. 22, you can use them for regular postage.

Plans for 2023: I am going into this year believing that I can do $100K in sales. If that is true, I need to list about 200 items a month so that I don’t lose ground. So, I have put processes in place to get that accomplished.

So, I have a big target for the year. Don’t know if I will be able to hit it or not, but if I even come close I will be happy. As my dad always used to say, “If you aim for nothing, chances are you will hit it.” So, I am putting a big target out there to challenge myself this year.


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