The Numbers: January 15-21, 2023

Our best sale this week was a lot of antique cotton flour sacks for $170. We went to a big yard sale that was closing. The flour sacks were in a garbage bag about to be thrown away. Each had printing on them of a local company. We bought the bag for $1, Nice 🙂

Things have been going well for us on eBay. In the past several months we realized we needed to source more inventory. So we did. Now we have 25 bins of items we need to photographed and listed. Back in the summer, we realized we needed to list more. So we have been listing more and more things are selling.

We’re lucky because we’ve built an online store where we can be patient. When we list an item, as long as it sells within 10 years, we’re happy 🙂 We have a large enough inventory that something is always selling. And since we source items that cost us almost nothing, our investment is low and profit high. Our goal is to make enough to pay our monthly expenses. Achievement unlocked.

Other sellers have different ways of selling. They have different needs. They have different resources. All good.

The danger is when someone wants to be an “entrepreneur”, buys all the things, looks the part, talks the talk, and then doesn’t do the work. No amount of coaching or online courses can make a business successful.

This is really the simple secret: make a plan and then do it. There are no short cuts.

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Our Store Week January 15-21, 2023

Total Items in Store: 9333
Items Sold: 34
Gross Sales: $1,422.76 (including eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)
Net Sales: $1,167.88 (minus eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)
Cost of Items Sold: $62
Cost of helpers: $0
Highest Price Sold: $170 (antique flour sacks)
Average Price Sold: $34.34
Returns: 1
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0
Number of items listed this week: 20
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