The Numbers: February 27-March 5, 2022

The Numbers: February 27-March 5, 2022

Items in Store 1710
Items Sold 39
Total Sales $1,310.00
COGS $112.00
Total Profit $1,198.00
Average profit $30.72
Average sales price $33.59
New Listings 148
Items scavenged 7
Listing 2022 weekly Avg 59
Sourcing Allotment 47

Whew, what a productive week! I completely reorganized my ebay office, installed a new hot tub in the office (everyone should have a hot tub in their office for listing and team meetings – lol!), cleaned out my non-ebay storage shed (and listed/sold a bunch of stuff on FB Marketplace), and made 148 new listings (lots of multi-quantity, so new listings was over 500 actual items) . I’m blowing my 40 listings/week average out of the water.


The bulk of the new listings was that massive craft haul from last weekend. 84 of the listings were the variations I made for the markers. I’ve never done variations before, so it was time to learn. Normally I would have made separate listings for every single UPC but in this case it made more sense to list them all together in order to drive multiple item sales.


I had 4 sales for $65 from the craft haul pipeline this week. If I can get about $50 in sales a week for the rest of the year from that pipeline I consider it a great success.


Since I’ve been busting my butt so hard to list a bunch, I figure it’s a good time to review year over year results for February. I really started to see the results in February from the work since the beginning of the year.

February 2021:                                          February 2022:

Items sold: 87                                            Items sold: 133

Total Sales: $3528                                    Total Sales: $4546

Average Price: $40.55                              Average Price: $34.18

New listings since 1/1/21: 270              New listings since 1/1/22: 592


YoY Increases: 53% more items sold and 29% more total sales.

So CLEARLY that massive increase in listing volume resulted in the increase in sales. Let’s keep that ball rolling all year and see where I land. This is exciting! Not bad for a part time gig.

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