The Numbers: August 21-27, 2022

Welcome to Long Tail Life! We had a good week of weird item sales. Old lamps, old paintings, old shoes, old pens, old sweaters, old pants, old forks, old dog leash, old suspenders, old tea pot. That’s what people bought from us. We love it.

Based on a good suggestion from our resident baseball card expert Craig Rex, we’re adding a “Scavenge/Sale of the Week” thread on the forum. So post the favorite thing you sold over here.

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Our Store Week August 21-27, 2022

Total Items in Store: 9031
Items Sold: 24
Gross Sales: $1,230.81 (including eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)
Net Sales: $968.92 (minus eBay fees, shipping, and taxes)
Cost of Items Sold: $55
Cost of helpers: $60
Highest Price Sold: $225 (vintage college letterman sweater)
Average Price Sold: $40.37
Returns: 1
Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0
Number of items listed this week: 10
(Your numbers can be found here:

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