Queue Manage System

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Queue Manage System

Manage customers and visitors in an efficient way thru queue management system. Also known as token machine or visitor token system to manage and streamline visitors to your business which requires business dealings like clinics, hospitals, shipping and logtistic companies, schools and universities.





Suitable For:

Big number LED display with 3 digits Clinics
With dingdong sound reminder when calling number Logistic Companies
Wireless Communication Banks
Power Adapter for LED Display Restaurants
Matching with one power adapter of DC-12 Any business that has daily client dealing
Manipulator with 3 digits LED display screen System Working:
Power Adapter for manipulator Issue Ticket Manually thru pre-printed token / ticket number
Matching with one power adapter of DC-9V Calling Pad to call the token number
Components: LCD Display to display called number
Calling Pad  
LCD Display  


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