IR Technology Counterfiet Detector

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IR Technology Counterfiet Detector


The Cassida Uno Fake Note IR Detector, instantly ensures the paper currency you are taking is genuine. This state-of-the art detector identifies infrared (IR) security marks that are present on authentic currency, but are invisible to the naked eye. Simply place bills under the high resolution monitor to instantly confirm bills have the required infrared markings. Cassida American brand IR, Fake note detectors are available ex-stock in Pakistan.


Model: Cassida Uno
Typical use: convenience stores, banks, small businesses
Verification type: IR (infrared) detection , UV , MG, IR
Display type: High resolution LCD
Weight: 2.4 lb
Dimensions: 5.5???L x 4.4???W x 8.25???H
Power input: 110/220V 50Hz


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