Counting Scale

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Counting scale

We have suitable solution to count paper, sheets, cards, security papers, plastic card counting, screws nuts etc. This counting scale is suitable to count all major items as per the sample average weight. Count labels, boxes, sheets, cards and other items in Pakistan thru this piece counting scale.


Features and Specifications:

Accuracy: 0.2 g / 0.5 g
Capacity: 15 kg / 30 Kg
Response: 3 – 5 seconds
Display: LCD Diplay with backlight
Tare: Equal to max capacity
Over load alarm: when load is over 9d
Over load capacity: protect automatically when the load is 125% of capacity
Source: battery DC 6V 4Ah / Power AC 220 V
Power: Backligh 90mA; No backlight 70mA
Temperature: storage: 10 – 50 C / Working: 0 – 40 C
Humidity: Storage: 5% – 90% RH / Working 10 % – 80% RH
Pan Size: 335 mm x 220 mm


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