Banknote Binding Machine

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Banknote Binding Machine

1.Micro-computer control
2.High bundling speed: 2 seconds/bundle
3.Auto horizontal and lateral bundling
4. Short preheating period: 20 seconds
5. Auto tape leading for bundling without stop


Ambient temperature 0~40°
Ambient humidity 30~90%
Power AC 175~250V 50Hz (1±5%)
Power consumption 40W
Standby consumption ≤12W
Bundling speed ≤2 seconds
Preheating period ≤20seconds
Available banknote 50mm~100mm in width (100pcs)
Adaptable tape 20mm x 100mm (160°C)
Adjusting range of bundling tape 45mm~83mm
Unit size 310(L) x 250(W) x 150(H)mm
Packing size 405(L) x 335(W) x 260 (H)mm
Net weight / gross weight 7kg/7.5kg


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