eBay’s Winter Seller Update 2023: Fees Up!

eBay’s Winter Seller Update 2023: Fees Up!

eBay’s Winter Seller Update of 2023, as with anything involving change, is greeted with great trepidation.

Relax, dear seller! eBay’s  Winter Seller Update 2023 is live, and eBay’s sky is not falling.

Winter 2023 Seller Update, a Mixed Bag!

Like most updates, the Q1 release is a mixed bag of good and not so good news. So, the bad news is that as of February 15, Final Value Fees (FVFs) are going up in numerous categories. Fortunately, the good news far outweighs the relatively minor fee increases. Let’s look at the facts.

Got No Store or a Starter Store?

For non-store subscribes and Starter Store subscribers, FVFs in most categories will increase from 12.9% to 13.25%. This is an increase of .35%. 

In some categories — namely Books & Magazines, Movies & TV, and Music (except Vinyl Records) — FVFs will jump from 14.6% to 14.95%. Again, this an increase of .35%). To see the complete list of fee changes by category, go to https://www.ebay.com/sellercenter/resources/seller-updates/2023-winter/financials.

Don’t be caught off guard by these fee increases! If you decide to raise your prices by a dollar amount or percentage so the higher fees don’t cut into your profit margin, you can do so using Bulk Edit.

Fees are Up!

Store subscribers from Basic through Anchor also face an average FVF (Final value fee) increase of .35%. Fees in Books & Magazines, Movies & TV , and Music (except Vinyl Records) will likewise go up from 14.6% to 14.95%. Categories with no changes include Heavy Equipment, Cameras & Photography, Cell Phones, and Computers, Tablets & Networking.

Again, take a close look at the entire list of fee changes by category at https://www.ebay.com/sellercenter/resources/seller-updates/2023-winter/financials.

In addition, keep a sharp eye on your cost of goods and shipping expenses. An FVF increase of .35% may sound small, but it adds up fast.

eBay Seller Fees are up!

eBay’s Winter Seller Update: Good News!

As it is now, eBay only gives you back the 30¢ transaction fee when a buyer asks to cancel an order before the item is shipped. However, eBay is now going to also credit sellers for that 30¢ fee if an item is returned and you voluntarily refund the buyer’s payment. That applies to returns for the following reasons:

  • Ordered by mistake
  • Don’t like it
  • Changed my mind
  • Doesn’t fit
  • Found a better price

n other words, you’ll get the 30¢ back as long as the return is not due to seller error (INAD). You must refund the buyer through eBay in order to receive this fee credit. Like the FVF increases, this new policy kicks in on February 15.

Like higher FVFs, those 30¢ transaction fees add up faster than you might think, so this is excellent news for sellers.

No More Best Offer UPIs!

Ever accepted a Best Offer only to have the buyer then fail to pay for their purchase? eBay feels your pain. Both eBay sellers and eBay lose money on unpaid items (UPI.)

The eBay powers that be have also heard sellers’ frustration with this ongoing issue, and in this update, they announced the rollout of a long-awaited solution: Buyers will have to supply payment information prior to making a Best Offer. Read up on all the details at https://www.ebay.com/sellercenter/resources/seller-updates/2023-winter/business.

More Changes for the Better: Listing Upgrades and Scheduling!

eBay Seller Good News in the eBay Winter Seller Update 2023!

The Winter 2023 Seller Update also impacts listing upgrades and scheduling for sellers’ benefit. Two especially positive changes expand perks that non-store subscribers have enjoyed for years:

eBay Store subscribers can list auctions and offer a Buy It Now option for no additional fee.

 Store subscribers also can schedule the start date of both auction and fixed price listings for free.

This is terrific, especially if you list in batches. You can create a bunch of listings at one time, then strategically spread out their start dates and time.

EIS eBay International Shipping!

eBay continues to roll out its new eBay International Shipping program, demonstrating their commitment to facilitating cross-border trade.

List More, Sell More!

In this post-pandemic world, ecommerce sites are losing buyers to brick-and-mortar stores. eBay’s answer to this problem is to increase inventory on the platform. That’s why they’re working to improve the listing flow, especially via the eBay Mobile app.

Furthermore, eBay also has invested in marketplace research tool Terapeak, making it even more useful.

What Does It All Mean?

The Winter 2023 Seller Update reflects eBay’s emphasis on increasing conversion (sell-through) rates. In other words, it’s geared toward helping sellers sell more and better, thereby making more money for themselves and eBay. So what’s in it for you?

That remains to be seen. Add up your last few invoices. How much did you pay in FVFs last month? Last year? Do you want or need to make any changes at this point in order to absorb the soon-to-be-additional costs? Or would you rather wait to see what future invoices look like?

eBay invests heavily in Google ads that bring us buyers. We also have robust seller protections. It’s a profitable platform on which to sell. So do the math as it applies to your business, then decide how to respond to the changes announced in the Winter 2023 Seller Update, and keep on selling!


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