eBay Seller Best Holiday Moneymaking Tips!

eBay Seller Best Holiday Moneymaking Tips!

It’s that time of year again, eBay seller: Shoppers are searching for the perfect gift to put under the holiday tree for their special someone.

Now it’s up to you to make it more likely that YOUR item is the one they find — and choose to buy. But how? The answer are these eBay seller best Holiday moneymaking tips!

For starters on the topic of eBay seller best Holiday moneymaking tips, remember: It can’t sell if it isn’t listed.

Look through your unlisted inventory. Is there anything holiday themed? Or in holiday colors (i.e., red and green, blue and silver or white, etc.)? If so, then list it NOW!

Furthermore, consider adding that newly listed item to a Promoted Listings Standard campaign.

According to eBay, a listing in Promoted Listing Standard Campaign is twice as likely to sell. You can set your PL standard fee as low as 2%, and you only pay if the item sells. You can even boost the price a bit to cover the PL standard fee.

The option to promote a listing in a Promoted Listing Standard Campaign — and specify your desired percentage — is in the final section of the SYI (Sell Your Item) form. Also you can create a Promoted Listing Standard campaign and add items in bulk from the Promotions tab of your Seller Hub Overview page.

Speaking of price, it’s a good idea to include enough wiggle room that you can add Best Offer to your listing.

Best Offer is another good way to increase the likelihood that your item will sell, and sell quickly! You can still make a profit and also get the benefit of quick turnover.

Next, scan the titles of your active listings. eBay gives you 80 characters altogether. You should be using 75-80 of them. If any of your titles fall short, revise them to add more keywords. Not sure what keywords to add? Do a search on eBay for similar items, then filter by Sold to see what keywords have worked for other sellers.

Another eBay seller best Holiday tip is to check Terapeak.

It’s under the Research tab on the Overview page in Seller Hub. Put a couple of keywords describing your item into the text field, then search to find comparable sold items.

Be sure to follow other best practices for eBay titles as well: Front-load the most important keywords, because eBay’s mobile app truncates titles, and don’t forget “the noun” (what the item is). Think “Keyword Keyword Keyword”, in title case — never ALL CAPS.

There’s no need for punctuation; titles don’t have to read like a sentence.

And for goodness’ sake, don’t waste characters on nonsense like L@@K, Wow, special characters, or emojis!

Pro tip: If you include the word Christmas in your title, be aware that Cassini (eBay’s search engine) considers Christmas and Xmas to be the same keyword. Using Xmas frees up five characters, and your listing will still pop up when shoppers search for Christmas.


eBay Seller Best Holiday Moneymaking Tips!


An eBay seller best Holiday tip is find fresh inventory!

Be sure to shop holiday clearance events both locally and online. Don’t overlook pop-up stores, church bazaars, and flea markets. Then list your newly acquired inventory ASAP. Again, consider promoting those new listings and/or adding Best Offer.

In addition, if you have multiple quantities of an item, consider adding a Volume Discount to encourage multi-quantity purchases: Save x% on 2, y% on 3, z% on 4 or more. (You set the percentage of the discount.)

Both Volume Discount and Promoted Listings can be added to your listing from the very last module of the SYI (Sell Your Item) form on your desktop or mobile device.

These proven, actionable strategies will literally pay off for you right now in your business on eBay.


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Your free 12 Days of Christmas eBay Money Making Tips!

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Be sure to include things in your plans tat make the Holiday season meaningful to you. Is that  a Christmas service, neighborhood caroling or volunteering at a local no kill shelter or food bank?

Here’s to you having a fruitful and meaningful Holidays!

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