8 Awesome ways to make money online for free

8 Awesome ways to make money online for free

Online work can be the perfect way to make money if you want to be your own boss, and in this article, we’ll discuss fantastic ways to get started.

#1 Set up a Patreon account

Patreon is a platform that allows creatives to share, interact with audiences, and monetize their content. If you create videos, podcasts, or release music regularly and have a dedicated audience, Patreon may be just what you need.

Fans can gain access to projects by paying a subscription, so it’s the perfect way to monetize your content.

Is Patreon right for you?

Starting a Patreon is great way to make money online if what you do fits the following criteria

Your work doesn’t require significant overhead.

Although Patreon is a fantastic place to interact with your community, you can’t rely on it to fund your creative process – it’s different from crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. On Patreon, the art comes first, then the patrons follow.

If your work involves costly materials and other upfront expenses, you should ensure you can cover all your costs without your patrons’ input. If you don’t, you might find out months later that you’ve been losing money, and it might be too late to save your business by that time.

You already have an audience.

Patreon isn’t the place to expand your online following. If you don’t have a significant fanbase before joining the platform, you may not have enough customers invested in your work to make a profitable campaign. On the other hand, if you already have a significant audience on YouTube, Twitter, or your website, you might have just enough resources to launch a successful campaign.

You need motivation

If you’re looking for an extra nudge to start creating, then having a visible number of fans impatiently waiting for your next update might be just what you need. Your community’s expectations will encourage you to create. And the financial benefits of their support will give you the freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted.

#2 Become an Online Researcher

Are you great at finding information online? If so, then online research may be the perfect job for you. This kind of job can be the ideal side-hustle if you’re a stay-at-home parent or have spare time and are looking to earn extra income.

Is it right for you?

Research can be a tedious and time-consuming process. That’s why many business owners prefer to delegate the responsibility to other people.That way, they have more time to focus on other matters that they’re more passionate about.

You will need to know how to carry out proper, objective research to succeed at this project.  There are plenty of tutorials online, and it may take some time to master the craft. But, your commitment will be well rewarded.

Here are the best places to get started.


Wonder helps people save time by providing detailed answers and resources delivered to their inboxes from a reliable pool of freelance researchers.  Wonder’s researchers are highly skilled, but, as you might have guessed, they choose not to work in an office setting full time for various reasons. They’re stay-at-home parents, students, military spouses, etc.

What you do

you get paid to answer clients’ questions. Each one comes with different pricing, depending on the complexity and expected turnaround time.

You’ll have the freedom to choose which price points and requests you’re comfortable working with.

There are also earning opportunities for researchers who’re willing to review the work completed by others. This usually involves reading through other researchers’ work to make sure it fully answers the client’s question and is clear and concise. You’ll earn $1 for every review you complete.


10EQs employs independent consultants and industry experts to work on exciting and challenging client questions. The platform offers professional opportunities worldwide through a virtual team environment, but you have the freedom to choose where and when you work.

What you do

  • Joining as an industry expert allows you to leverage your expertise on-demand during client engagements. You can provide paid consultations and work with consulting teams on exciting industry topics.
  • Joining as an independent contractor puts you in the role of a collaboration manager. You’ll get project management opportunities from various topics, industries, functions, and geographies.
  • You can also find work on platforms like indeed and Upwork. These platforms are highly competitive, so it won’t be easy initially. But, it gets easier after you get your first gig and start building a portfolio.


#3 Transcription

transcription is a professional service that converts speech into a written or electronic document. It is most commonly used in the legal and medical fields.

Although many speech-to-text translation services have moved to AI, they’re far from perfect, so they wouldn’t work for companies that need accurate translations.

You can do part-time transcription work on dedicated platforms like Rev or work as a freelancer with multiple clients on specific projects. You’ll have the freedom to set your own schedule and choose which assignments you want to work on.

Is it right for you?

If you’ve never done transcription work before, there’s a lot to learn. You’ll need to improve your skills if you want to be successful.

Fast typing speed and high accuracy

The average person types about 45 words a minute, but you will need to type at least 60 words per minute with high accuracy for transcription.

Grammar, spelling proficiency, and punctuations

Although many transcription requests are verbatim, some clients prefer non-verbatim or easy-to-read transcripts. You should have a proper understanding of punctuation, grammar, and spelling. These skills will allow you to create clean transcripts without altering the meaning and tone of the original dialogue.

Research skills

You’ll need these too. You’ll encounter diverse topics every day, so, likely, you won’t be familiar with most of the things discussed in the dialogues you’re supposed to transcribe. Proper research can help you catch technical jargon that you don’t know about and learn crucial information about appropriate nouns like names, brands, acronyms, etc.

Attention to detail

This may be one of the most essential skills you need to be a good transcriptionist. You must be a keen listener and pay keen attention to minor details. For example, pure verbatim transcriptions include records of utterances like uhm, hmm, uh-huh. All this information might be necessary to your client, so you’ll need to pay close attention while you work.

#4 Affiliate marketing

Joining an affiliate program lets you earn commission by promoting another brand’s products or services. Every time someone buys the product or service after clicking your link, you’ll earn a commission and credit for the referral.

The commission payout varies with the affiliate program and the product on promotion. For example, essential items on Amazon’s marketplace provide marginal returns.

On the other hand, you can earn thousands of dollars by promoting digital services like web hosting.

Is it right for you?

People often assume that affiliate marketing relies on blog promotions to create revenue, but it isn’t necessarily true. Social media accounts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook are just as effective for promoting products/services and earning money.

All this means that it is a versatile and effective way to make money online. But, like most other ways to make money we’ve already discussed, it may take some time to get meaningful results. This is particularly true if you do not have any online platforms that receive large volumes of traffic.

You can still learn how to create these, and the good news is that once you do, affiliate marketing can become a reliable passive income source.

Here are a few Affiliate networks to try out.


shareable is one of the largest affiliate networks in the United States. It currently has over 1.2 million registered publishers and nearly 4000 merchant programs.


Flexoffers is an extensive program with various advertisers and offers you can explore. Signing up gets you access to offer 10,000 offers covering everything from seasonal items to consumer electronics. The vast number of offers means most program types (like CPA and CPI) are well represented. The site’s major brand partners include Kohls, Skechers, Noble, Macy’s, and Barnes.

The wholesale2b affiliate program

the wholesale2b affiliate program is a great way to earn money if you’re into dropshipping. You make money on a monthly basis by referring to wholesale2b’s drop shipping services on your social media or adding targeted banners on your website.

Become an affiliate: signup for a free affiliate partner account. All you need is a PayPal account to receive deposits from monthly commissions.

Next, refer wholesale2b to others: share your affiliate URL to your audience. Every time someone clicks your banner or URL, their actions will be credited to your affiliate account.

Get paid: you’ll receive a 30% commission on all membership payments wholesale2b gets from the clients you refer. Commissions will be deposited directly to your PayPal account on the first week of every month.

#5 Launch a YouTube channel

YouTube is an immensely popular content-sharing platform where you can showcase your business, skills, and other products. With over a billion hours of content consumed every day, it’s now the 2nd most visited website and the second largest search engine after google. There are plenty of ways a YouTube channel can help you make money online.

It lets you build a fanbase that you can sell to eventually

You can build authority and credibility by discussing topics relevant to your brand and audience. Once you’ve accomplished that, it will be easy to sell courses on that topic, write books, coach, and much more.

It sends traffic to your website

YouTube can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website. And, once they make the transition, you can get them into your sales funnels, so you eventually generate revenue. Once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers, you can earn money by running ads on your channel. You may also partner with brands to showcase sponsored content, sell merchandise, or become an affiliate partner.

Is it right for you?

Starting a YouTube channel is a great way to make money online, but that’s only if it aligns with your business goals and you’re committed to creating video content for a long time. If you can’t make regular videos, your channel might not be very successful.

Tips for success

Give your channel a purpose

first and foremost, you should give your channel a purpose. What do you want to achieve? Is it to share your passion with the world? Or is your channel part of a content marketing strategy to promote your business? Will your channel be your business? The answers to these questions will guide how you present your content and interact with your audience

Find your niche

focused content is vital to your channel’s success. Try and find your niche, a specific audience that you appeal to, and stick to it. Your viewers are more likely to trust and engage with you if you are consistent and proficient, so be sure to focus your content on your area of expertise. If you’re building the channel to market an existing business, you likely know what products/services you offer and who your ideal customers are.

But if you’re starting a YouTube channel to make it your business, it won’t be as straightforward. You should focus on subjects you’re proficient at or establish credibility for.

Optimize your channel.

YouTube is not just a video platform. It’s also a search engine, so you should treat it accordingly. One way to optimize your content for the YouTube search algorithm is to put target keywords infant of the video title, file, and video description

#6 Join a focus group

if you love sharing opinions with people, you can participate in paid market research studies and make over $50 every hour. Focus groups may be conducted in person or online. They’re usually free to join, and you’ll be paid reasonably well for participating.

User interviews

the platform lets you make money at home by participating in online focus groups. All you need to do is join virtual meetings with your peers and share feedback on whatever’s up for discussion. It could be product ideas, prototypes, or just life experiences. All you need is a computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection


Respondent is a platform that lets researchers recruit business professionals and the general population for research interviews. All you need to do to create a profile and verify your employment using a work email address. A matching algorithm will suggest research studies that fit your profile. Once invited to a study, you’ll have the freedom to choose a time that suits your schedule. And, that’s it. You’ll get automated payments via PayPal.

l&E research

L&E is all about giving back to the community. The platform seeks to connect clients (qualitative researchers) with its community, all so they can give back to the community

#7 Do online photography

if you like to take photos and have them by the hundreds on your hard drive, you could sell them to stock agencies to earn royalties. You will get a commission every time someone downloads photos that you submitted. The pay structure varies, so you’ll get either a fixed amount or percentage of what the client pays, as determined by the image site. The best places to sell your images online.

Is it right for you?

Online photography works best if you know how to take decent photographs. If you have a comprehensive collection around a specific theme, you can earn a decent amount of money selling your photos. And, even better, each image you upload can be sold an infinite number of times (but some websites will require that you keep the photos exclusive to their platform)

#8 Start a social media marketing firm

starting a social media consultancy firm may be the perfect online gig for you if you know how platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter work and how brands can profitably market themselves in those spaces.

Is it right for you?

As a social media consultant, you may be hired for the following tasks, creating social strategies, implementing, teaching others how to implement, monitoring, reporting.

If you’re up to the task and are willing to invest the time and resources required to make your business a success, here are a few tips on getting started.

Research and choose a niche

Although you might be tempted to do it all, you shouldn’t. It’s incredibly harmful to any form of marketing, management, or consulting. Companies’ brands, target audiences, and processes differ greatly across markets. What will work for one brand will not work for another. Each product or service requires a different strategy, and it might be overwhelming to try and do it all at once. You should start by looking for work in the niche where you have the most professional experience.

Establish credibility

this one should be obvious—no one will want to hire you if they don’t trust you. So, you need to give careful thought to questions like whether they would trust you with their business and why they should.  You can start by creating a respectable social media presence of your own to prove your expertise to potential clients. You’ll also add a blog to your website, write eBooks, or even host your own webinars.

Make connections both online and offline.

People do business with people they know and rely on the recommendations of trusted friends. Social media may be new, but these rules still apply. You will need to engage with others online to build out your network… but don’t forget to expand on those relationships offline. It’s very likely that your first deals will be local, so we advise that you focus on local networking before thinking nationally or globally. Over time, your social media presence will get you leads.

Final thoughts 

All these ideas are great ways to start making money online. And, while it may take time to learn a few of the skills involved, you will make decent amounts of money if you commit to your goal.

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